Friday, April 6, 2007

sonogram pics of Madeline

Here are some sonogram images from our appointment today. Madeline now weighs about 2 pounds. You can see she has the cutest little feet.


Rachel Wall said...

Those feet are so sweet looking and her little precious!! Romans 10:15 is a real special verse to us. We have always loved pictures of Charlie's feet and we do believe that his beautiful feet did bring us good news...The good news of Christ's love and ability to use a child to change so many. God is already using Madeline to stir souls, and she has not even been born yet. We are so thankful for your news today. We are praying for even more time and lots of it!
Chip and Rachel

Jill said...

I love these pictures! I think she has Brian's feet. I can't wait to hold and love Madeline. I am so happy to hear your good news. I am still praying for a miracle. I am so glad you decided to start this website. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. You are such a strong person and I so admire your faith and positive outlook throughout this journey. I will not stop believing in a miracle for Madeline. Hang in there and know that I love you!