Sunday, April 22, 2007

Life with boys!!!

What a crazy life we live with four little boys. There is never a dull moment that is for sure. This week included Grayson being rushed to the orthopedic surgeon after having his wrist slammed in Brian's truck door. He is fine but Brian still feels terrible about it. Grayson has no broken bones because there is only cartiledge in a three year old's wrist. He loved getting his first x-ray and he even got a little brace to wear. He thought it was a cast and we didn't tell him any different.

Brian is coaching Maxwell's baseball team and we live at the ballpark. It is so much fun watching the triplets' excitement for sports. They can't wait to play next year when they are 4 and be just like Maxwell.

Madeline is busy as well. She continues to offer me peace of mind with all her little movements. Sometimes it feels like she is playing ball herself in there! Each time I feel her little rolls and kicks, I am thankful that she continues to live despite everything. I know God is in control and I remind myself to be thankful for each day he gives us with her, even though she is not even in the world yet. Maxwell and the boys are getting excited about meeting her and ask daily, "How much longer?" Please continue to pray for Madeline's healing and for time with her. I am constantly thinking about what her birth will be like and what God will reveal to us through this tiny baby.

We appreciate you checking on us and keeping us encouraged! Keep praying!!!

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Sally said...

You truly are already blessed with your four boys!