Monday, February 25, 2008

The Other Side

This post goes along with something I saw on another blog, the CF husband blog that I have posted here before. Nate's wife, Tricia, has cystic fibrosis and they had a little girl named Gwyneth 8 weeks ago. Gwyneth is doing well in the NICU but has at least two more months of growing to do before she is able to go home. Her mother, Tricia, is also doing well but is currently waiting for a lung transplant. You can visit their blog at and see how others are telling Tricia all the joys of motherhood and all that she has to look forward to with Gwyneth.
Which brings me to my post today.......If I were on the other side of this blog, I would still act as if I had it all together. I have found out that I don't, never did, and never will.

Since becoming a mother to the boys and losing Madeline last year, I have learned:

that life is uncertain and we are not promised tomorrow so take advantage of today.

that children are a blessing, even when they come in threes (I have always known this but have to remind myself when the triplets are arguing or fighting over something and I want to pull my hair out!!!)

that a child can have a purpose even when she is taken from us too quickly.

that it is okay to be heartbroken....God has a way of moving you forward and earthly children keep you from giving up, while a baby in Heaven keeps you looking forward to a reunion like we can not imagine.

that your children don't care if you are not perfect.

that little boys are happiest when they are wet and muddy and desperately need a bath.

that a bandaid and a kiss from Mama can pretty much cure all things hurt.

that the sweetest sounds are your children singing, laughing, and praying.

that the hardest thing about parenting is not always jumping in to "fix" it but allowing your child to make their own mistakes.

that even with all the pain and heartache that comes with losing a child, the love you always feel for her makes it all worth it.

that at the end of the day you have all you need when you look at your sleeping children.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Exciting News

Hi, Everyone. We have been busy getting the Madeline Grace Foundation set up and organized. We have lots of ideas on how we can use Madeline's memory to help others. My sister has taken this on as a special project and I am so grateful for all that she is doing.
Our first fundraiser is a 5K Race in downtown Milledgeville on Madeline's one year birthday. This marathon is a "Run and See Georgia" endorsed race and hopefully, we will have lots of participants. All of the proceeds of the race will go to our local Pregnancy Center. We chose the Pregnancy Center since I was encouraged to have an abortion when we found out that Madeline had a terminal diagnosis. But we believe that only God gives life and abortion is wrong. I hope to personally work with the Pregnancy Center and encourage other woman who might find themselves carrying a baby with a poor diagnosis.
We are looking forward to what is to come and I will be giving more details soon on the race. Mark your calendars and plan to join us for a worthy cause and lots of fun.
My brother-in-law is working hard to get our website set up. Go to and see what he has done so far. (Thanks, Dreau!) We appreciate all of your support and for continuing to pray for us.