Sunday, July 8, 2007

My Favorite Picture of Madeline

I just love this picture of Madeline and wanted to post it for those of you who haven't seen it. She is just a few minutes old and I think it is so cute how she has her little leg propped up and is just sprawled out in all her glory. We didn't know at the time that God would only let her live with us for 12 hours but what a joyous 12 hours we had with Madeline!!! We will always remember her as the beautiful, sweet baby that she was. I sure hope she stays that way in heaven. I like to think that when I get there, Madeline will be just like she was when I last saw her here.
Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer.



Brian & Amy England said...

Hi Mandy,
Thanks for sharing your story on "Especially Heather". I am blessed every time I read her blog and I am blessed by your story.
We have friends in our Sunday school class that have a similiar story to yours. They too did not know if they would be able to hold their little girl and love on her before going home to Jesus. The Lord blessed them and they did have those few hours. They have a foundation/support system for families that share this experience.
You and your family are in my prayers. May God surprise you everyday with what he can do!

Sally said...

Thank you for sharing your story on Heather's is a beautiful and touching story of love and faith and family.

Your family will be in my prayers as you continue to heal and grow as a family.

Rachel and Jacob said...

Hey. someone passed your blog on to me and I have enjoyed reading about Madeline,s life. SHe was beauitful,I am sure those 12 hours you had with are the most amazing memories. I lost my little one on June 5. His name was Joseph.

Julie said...

I love that picture of Madeline. You continue to be in my prayers.....I hope your Summer is going well.


Elizabeth said...

Here from Especially Heather. A special prayer today for your sweet heart and family.

Kim said...

I saw your story on Heather's blog and it was especially meaningful to me. 2 years ago this month I delivered a tiny son (only 17 weeks) who had died before he got a chance to live. I will be praying for you all in your grief. I would also like to tell you something that comforted me, which was the fact that the Bible says that Jesus said one of the reasons He came was to "bind the broken-hearted." I pray that He will hold you, as he held us. I still can't hear Natalie Grant's "Held" without feeling it deeply.
God bless you.

Tishia said...

I came across your post on Especially Heather and wanted to say that I'm sorry for your loss. Every time I read Heather's blog (and now read all the stories that everyone is sharing) I am blessed by the faith and strength that I am seeing so many people portray. And all these things just remind me that life is short and things shouldn't be taken for granted.

Emily said...

I know just what you mean about hoping that Madeline is exactly as your remember her when you see her in Heaven. I struggle with that, too. What I long for is my baby and I have to believe that God knows that. Thank you for signing Miller Grace's page. I am SO sorry that you know this loss. Your precious girl went to Heaven on my birthday, when I was 33 weeks pregnant and wondering how long I would have with my own girl. Wow. I will continue to pray for you and yours, as we try to find some way to keep living for our living children and to keep from dying inside because of the one we lost. You're right. We'll never be "all better" but surely we'll find some new sense of normal someday, though I don't know how. For today, I'm right here with you, aching for our little girls in Heaven, and believing God that He will take good care of them until we get there....

Emily Cassetty

Asalie said...

Well said.

Princess Abigail said...

She is certainly beautiful.

She has the position of a Greek goddness.

The Bernard Bunch is totally hooked!!!