Tuesday, July 24, 2007

back to school

Our family is getting ready to go back to school and that means I am back teaching first grade too. Maxwell starts third grade next week and the triplets are in Pre-K. I can not believe how quickly time passes. I was just thinking the other day (as I held Maxwell and loved him a little)that I would do it all over again, relive the last 8 years all over and have the kids back as babies if I could. Even knowing what I do now, even with all the heartbreak. The joys in my life far outweigh the sadness.
It is always tough going back to school after being home for the summer but this year it is especially difficult for me. As I worked in my classroom this week, I realized that going back to school for me means I am not on my planned maternity leave. I imagined when I left in May that I would be home with Madeline in July when school started back. I imagined that she would still be with us and I really thought we would get that time. I really did not think I would be visiting her at the cemetary instead. But God had other plans and I suppose I needed to believe that Madeline would be with me to get through it at the time.
As life gets back on schedule for our family, please pray that we continue to adjust to all the changes. God continues to reveal Himself to us through Madeline's short life. I will share more on this later. Thank you for checking in on us.



Melissa said...

I do pray for you and your family. Have Brian take lots of pictures of the triplet going to "Pre-K" for the first time. Are they going to St. Stephens?

Heather said...

Dear Mandy, I read your story on Especially Heather's Blog. I came over to look at Madeline's beautiful baby pictures. I can barely see through the tears. I can't even tell you how overwhelmed my heart was as I looked at those beautiful pictures. I feel so priviledged to be allowed a peek into 12 most *precious* hours. What a precious family. My heart has been touched in an indescribable way. Saying very special prayers for you tonight dear dear Sister in Christ. In Him, Heather

JUST A MOM said...

I hope your days get a bit better with each mornings sun rise.

Boothe Farley said...

sweet mandy-
i just read your words... and went back and looked at all the pictures of madeline from the photographer's website. i can't truly express to you what my heart feels as i read and look at the pictures of your sweet girl. i have to confess, those photos are what drive it home for me... that this is real, that your anguish and mine are real. i am so, so deeply sorry that we live in this world where horrendous events actually occur like these. please know i am praying for you... i am praying because i know something of what you are facing and what you have walked through and i HATE it. madeline was beautiful - is beautiful, as she sits with the Lord, even now - and i cannot wait to hold her one day.

blessings to you guys...