Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Love's Embrace

The following poem was written by a teacher at my school who was gracious enough to let me share it here with you. She attended Madeline's funeral and reflects on all the sights and sounds of that moment in time. What is so beautiful about this sweet gift is that this was her first attempt at writing of any kind, but you would never know it by reading her eloquent words. It is something I will always deeply treasure, as it is a reminder to me the impact a tiny baby had on so many. Thank you so much Mrs. Mc for these beautiful words. I am honored that you were inspired to write them.

Love’s Embrace

Twilight’s subtle hues –
above, horizons kiss.

A solitary portrait of mother and child –
held in an infinite moment –
capturing love’s embrace.

The inner circle’s bonds steadfast -
as hearts unite as one –
mother to daughter –
generations connected.

Heads bent in prayer –
as somber silence surrounds the cherub who slumbers.

Evenings voices chafing –
heaviness of hearts – barren, displaced.

Whispers of God’s presence rippled –
through boughs of sweet pine –
the symphony from his creatures –
both great and small, bring comfort to all.

While strength from the outermost –
buttressed, with encouragement and compassion.

Balloons float adrift from the hand of a brother –
setting soul and spirit towards –
Love’s Embrace.

By Jenny McMahan


Laurie said...

Hi Mandy,
What a beautiful writing, a perfect picture of "Love's Embrace". A treasure for your heart written for Madeline. I am praying daily for your heart to be guarded in Jesus and filled with hope. So many of you mothers who have gone this path are on my heart today as the Farleys walk this path moment by moment. I pray for Gods grace and mercy and healing over all of you today. May memories of Madeline be soft and sweet in your heart these days. Praying for you always.
Laurie in Ca.

Emily said...

What a precious gift. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful treasure with us. And thank you, too, for letting me come here to gaze at your girl tonight.

Melissa said...

The poem is just beautiful!
I think of you and your family everyday.

Marie Lanathoua said...

You have such beautiful boys..... I have written a few times, I found your blog from another.....

May God Bless you and your family.