Saturday, August 18, 2007


The following poem was written by Heather, a fellow blogger, who is battling a brain tumor. When I read it on her blog, I so identified with her thoughts. These words spoke to my heart and express where I am right now. You can visit Heather at She is an amazing woman who never fails to inspire.


It is best not to say anything at all.
To be still in the moment.
Let the emotions rush over you like a raging river.
Get up and brush yourself off.
And start over again.

Things can’t be put back together.
They can't go back to the way they once were.
But you can be better because of the experience.
Despite the experience.

You have to let things go.
You have to let things be.
You have to let go and let God.

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Melissa said...


Know that I think of you often!
The poem really spoke to my heart too. Yesterday my Momma and Daddy would have been married 39 years!!! Even after 7 years, it is hard. I really miss my Daddy. Take care!