Saturday, May 5, 2007

We thank you!!!

Mandy is working on a more informative blog about our latest visit to the doctors yesterday. She is so much better explaining the details. She has learned so much about Madeline's medical situation and often times I think she has a better understanding of the FULL picture than the doctors.

But I wanted to again thank you for your thoughts, concerns and prayers. I can tell you we feel them in the Hopkins house and I KNOW Madeline has to as well. Keep lifting her up as we are. Please continue to pray for us as well. We have so many decisions to make very soon and want to do what is right with no second guessing. I have no doubt that we could not have made this journey this far with Madeline without your prayers. She continues to bless our life everyday as do your prayers. Thank you and Thank God.



justabeachkat said...

I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Nanny and Gaggy said...

Gaggy & I are waiting to hear when our granddaughter will arrive. He & I have been at the rental house painting and renovating for 12 hrs. today, and I've been there every other day this week. We continue to pray for you daily, and often all thru the day.

I've recently received some peace over Madeline's medical condition. I too am resting in Our Lord's wisdom, compassion, and grace. Though age does not bring answers to questions such as this "why," I do know from experience that God does indeed have a plan and a purpose for every situation in our life. Everything-big and small-that happens to us is sifted thru God's hand.

I continue to hurt terribly for both of you, and the mother in me wants to make it all right; however, I am convinced that God knows best, even when we do not understand.

Love - Nanny