Monday, February 9, 2009

I often read another blog that does this hilarious post called "Not Me Monday". Basically it is just a funny way to deny things that really happen in your life. I have considered doing it several times and then decided that I would have to go back and do a "Not Me" post to cover all of the Hopkins' mishaps from the past few weeks. You won't believe some of this. Even I have my doubts that people have this bad luck. Life is never dull or boring if you live in our house. So here goes my first ever "Not Me" post.
About 6 weeks ago, Ashton did not get accidentally run over by the neighbor's golf cart and only have a scratch to show for it. I was inside and Harry comes running in and says, "Mama, Ashton got run over by the golf cart but he is not dead!" My heart did not go to my feet and I did not feel a sickness come over me as I ran to see him and find out how bad it is. He was fine, just really scared.
I was not trying to take a nap when Harrison hit his head on the corner of the wall in his bedroom about three weeks ago. He and his brothers were supposed to be having some "quiet time" in their beds while mama and daddy got a much-needed break, just for a few minutes. I was so tired I was asleep within moments of laying down. Then I hear the boys at the door and jump up in time to see all this blood and Harrison standing there looking so pitiful and covered in blood. Brian took one look at Harry's head and said he needed stitches so off to the ER we go. I did not almost get weak when I turned around to check on him on the ride to the hospital and could see how deeply he was cut. He was a brave boy though and got about 15 stitches and never cried at all.
I was not back in the ER four days later after Grayson got hit in the nose with a play gun by Ashton. He comes running in the house screaming and pouring blood. I quickly assessed the situation and loaded everyone in the car. I called my friend Jill and said I was hoping for a fast pass through the ER. Brian met me there and picked up the other kids while Grayson got taken care of. The same lady checked us in and laughed at the trouble triplets can get into. This was not getting embarrassing at all and I am sure DFACS was not called.
Then last week, Ashton did not decide to see how it would feel to hit his head on the spare tire on the back of Brian's Trooper, and he did not split his head open. Brian looked at it and said he would be the ER doctor this time and did all the repairs himself. He "butterflied" Ashton's head and he was back at it again in no time.
Then, this week, when I drove up to pick the boys up from school, the school nurse did not come out and tell me that Harrison did not need stitches but that he did run into the wall and had a pretty bad cut that was swollen and bleeding. I told her to document it and be ready to answer some questions from DFACS should they call.
It is a good thing I have nerves of steel or I would not make it in this house. I now am waiting on all the hospital bills to start coming in....I guess we had better get used to it. Such is the life with four rambunctious little boys.


P.S. Maxwell asked if he was next!!!! I sure hope not! Praying for an uneventful week.


Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Mandy,

This post makes me smile and brings back so many funny moments (scary at the time) that I went through raising only twins. We had a competition running here on who could get hurt the most and get the most stitches. It is still a running competition to this day and they will be 38 in May. Raising boys is definitely not for the faint of heart, as you well know. It doesn't end anytime soon either but somehow you will get through it:) Love you girl and glad to see your post. I miss you. I've been posting pictures of the grandkids if you get time to visit. Have a wonderful day.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Liz Griffin said...

Oh Mandy it has just started for both of you, your post made me laugh and smile I hope things slow down really soon around the house I 'll be praying for all of you, and that the bills want be to high!

See ya girl,

Laurie in Ca. said...

Hi Mandy,

I've been thinking about you and hoping things are going okay for you guys and that injuries are slowing down:) How have you been doing? I miss you and think of you often as I do the other girls. Praying for you too. I hope your weekend is a great one. I love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

justabeachkat said...



(BTW...thanks for your visit and sweet comment. I hit "reject" instead of "publish" though by mistake. So sorry. Can you resend?